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Mapping Meaning: July 18 – 23, 2010

A Holistic Approach Toward Human, Ecological & Technological Landscapes

The first Mapping Meaning workshop brought together 14 women and occurred while camping in Dixie National Forest, Utah, in July of 2010. Participants came from all around the United States and Canada and from such varied disciplines as ethnobotany, visual art, folklore, GIS/land surveying, entomology, film, biology, American studies, business, and civil & environmental engineering. The workshop included group discussions, field / hiking sessions, individual research, and a photographic session utilizing sculptural leveling rods created specifically for the conference.

Some topics of discussion included: technological landscapes & mapping; ecosophy: mental, social & environmental ecology; indigenous conservation & ecological poverty; communicating climate change & sustainability; the nuclear west; dissolving the boundaries between activism & art; and life on fragile landscapes.

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