Point Cloud Burst
Please click above link for LIDAR video (may take a minute to load)
courtesy of  Rosanna Garcia

“The interdisciplinarity was by far the most satisfying aspect of the conference.  As an engineer, it is a rare occasion when I get to participate in academic discussions on issues of art, philosophy, or the social sciences. These issues are discussed outside of work, but “interdisciplinarity” in engineering really means collaborating with people in other engineering and science disciplines, not necessarily crossing the invisible border into the liberal arts.”
— Briana Niblick

“This intervention was crucial – it brought women together to discuss seemingly at odds, yet organically knit ideas.  Who knew climate change policies, activist art, a documentary about Swaziland, lifecycle assessments, business ethics, violent social protests and a single image of four women on top of a mountain with surveying equipment could have such a strong theme of change and flow running through them.”
— Jennifer Richter